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  • Arrangement
  • Profile
  • Apply

  • Volunteer teaching activities
Complete the task of teaching English language
arrange  the  teaching  content  independently according to  your  own  specialty.
Provide effective assistance to Chinese students

  • Self promotion
Living in Chinese language environment can improve spoken Chinese
The reconstruction of values, outlook on life and the world
More interesting people, more interesting things, develop better contacts, and broaden your horizons

  • Cultural interaction experience
Visit the golden wall, the imperial gardens and the temples
Enjoy the tea ceremony, taste Chengde snacks, learn to cook Chinese food, study Chinese painting and paper cutting
Get familiar with the local teaching environment and the real citizen's life
High sense of integration brings more professional international experience

  • Valuable certificate
Certificate of spoken Chinese and volunteer certificate issued by Shixi Technology, which can help improve  competitiveness.

Day 1

Check in Chengde+ Experience campus culture
8:00  Beijing Airport pickup
8:00-11:00 Take a car to Jinshanling
11:00-1500 Visit the Jinshanling Great Wall
15:00 Arrive in Chengde and stay in Hebei Tourism Vocational College International Education Centre and Experience campus culture

Day 2

Welcoming ceremony + Tea art performance + Tea culture

Day 3
Spoken Chinese communication + Chinese traditional culture + Traditional craft

Day 4

Integrated Chinese Curriculum + Chinese painting + Learn to cook Chinese food

Day 5
Visit Mountain Resort + Small Potala Palace

Day 6

Visit Confucius’Temple + Experience Confucian culture + International Student Fraternities

Day 7

Farewell ceremony

Volunteer teaching activities

Study tour in scenic spots: Royal Garden - Mountain Resort

Humanities Curriculum:Temple- Small Potala Palace

It was built in the Qing Dynasty Qian Long thirty-six years(1771), in order to celebrate his 60th birthday and his mother’s 80th birthday. It was based on the Potala Palace in Tibet.


It was built from 1776-1779. It is one of the three largest Confucian Temples in China. It is as famous as the Confucian Temple in Beijing and the Confucian Temple in Qufu.

Humanities Curriculum:


Tea Ceremony

Chinese painting

paper cutting-  World Intangible Cultural Heritage

Chinese food

Project  fee :US dollar 3,000

The fee includes:
All advisory services in the early stage
Shuttle service
The fare to Chengde and back to Beijing
Curriculum and teaching fees
expenses for board and lodging
Tickets in scenic spots

The fee does not include

Air tickets

Application process

1、Fill out the registration form
3、Buy air tickets
4、Start to travel




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